EPIC1 Dead Body included

EPIC1 system – the main difference from the other rotor system is a telescopic shoulder, which can be reduced to a fifth of a complete size and place conveniently into your backpack.

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DeadBody counterweight makes from your EPIC1 one camera system, because the second camera is replaced by the counter weight. You need to move the DeadBody on the shoulder, the position of DeadBody depends on the weight of your first camera.

You can pull EPIC1 from your backpack, put it on in seconds and almost instantly capture awesome shots, that will enrich your videos with breathtaking scenes. You don’t need any tool to assemble or disassemble the EPIC1 and you can install it even in snowboard gloves at the top of a mountain right before you start your ride. EPIC1 is delivered „Ready to Ride“, without any need of assembling.
The system makes it possible to use the EPIC1 even in extreme conditions – like in a mud or dusty / humid environment.

The packaging contains

  • - EPIC1 mount
  • - Two binding belts for better transport
  • - User manual
  • - EPIC sticker
  • - GoPro® Surface Adhesive Mount
  • - Wing nuts
  • - Two tightening sleeves
  • - DeadBody counterweight

Length: 100cm / 21cm
Color: Black
Material: AL, Polyamid

Data sheet

  • Height - 100 cm / 21 cm
  • Color - Black
  • Material - AL, Polyamid